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The Rideouts

Norman & Debbie

(Front Row)  Micah & Matthew

Norman is a second-generation missionary, following in the steps of his parents (you can read about the opening stages of Norman's parent's work in Don Richardson's book, Eternity In Their Hearts).  Norman and Debbie are from Texas when in the USA, but Chiang Mai, Thailand is their work and their home.  Their work is extensive amongst the locals, with very responsible and accountable outreach going deep into the heartland of the northern people-groups of Thailand, many times on bicycle or foot for days, a concept not understood here in the USA very often.  The Rideouts are persistent in the training up of locals to do the work of encouraging ministry to their fellow neighbors.

For more details about current happenings with the Rideouts, please go see their web site...



The Rays

Dawn & Billy

Peter & Andrew

We first met Dawn Marie here in the northern Dallas area at her sister and brother-in-law's, with whom we are all still friends.  While we shared many laughs about all possibly going to some beachy shores in Australia to work, in seriousness, Dawn was off to eastern Europe as a teacher in a local school there, training the children in science and math, and as a teacher's life goes, helping with whatever else is needed to be done.  Dawn literally arrived as earthquakes rocked the area.  Dawn was immediately needed in relief support to the locals.  While there, she met a fellow (Billy) who had gone to the same college Dawn went to, and even at the same time.  They had only casually seen each other in that college-time.  Billy is a versatile guy, where he has gotten to know many people in the local eastern European business community, and his "day job" is that he is an English teacher.  Well, in fairly short order, Billy and Dawn were married, and as you can see, now have two sons born there, and are thriving in their work.  They are very special people to us, and if you need more info about their work, please post me, and I'll be glad to get more to you.

The Kirkpatricks

(Right to Left) Rodney & Trina, Kayleigh, Anthony

(Front)  Bridget

We first met Rod around ten years ago as he was finishing up college work, and in connection with Foundation Ministries, originally the work of Bob Terrell and John Moreland.  Rod originally hales from the Austin, Texas area.  He met Trina and they were married in 2000.  We have become fast friends as a result of being able to help with development of their missions-oriented web site.  The Kirkpatricks live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, they minister in the area, and are sent to South Africa quite frequently.

Since they have their own web site, we refer to it, rather than take up the bandwidth here.


"Watch and pray."

Mark 13:33


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