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If you don't understand "Tongue In Cheek" communication, or if the wedgee is packed too tightly in your drawers, then you need to read elsewhere, because the Pohlman People who Publish this web site are far from a serious lot, indeed they border on the X-treme Humorous.

When they were passing out the Serious-Bones in Heaven at Creation, the Pohlman's were found to be behind a different door, wanting and deficient, while they abundantly stocked up on Humourous-Bones instead.  To know them is to love and understand them.  A relational group they are.

One of the reasons for this is that lore runs deep in the family lines.  If you have ever done your family-tree research, you undoubtedly found scandalous scoundrels in the nether branches of your ancestral research.  You probably aren't too excited to tell your friends that you descended from horse thieves, dirt-broke philanderers, bank robbers, pigeon-salesmen or tax-collectors in Jesus' temple, brothel proprietors, or last-ditch defenders of the (horse) parking lot next door to the Alamo.

Likewise, our particular Pohlman-family lore (may the lore be with you) is that we are not of the run-of-the-mill abundance of Pohlmans who proliferate the countryside of Germany, much like the Smiths number the population of England.

No sir, our strain of Pohlman's supposedly descend from a nobler group in what used to be East Germany, around Pohlmannburg, known as the vonPöhlmanns.

Supposely, a large lake in the German language is a Zee (tsay), and a small lake or pond is a Pöhl (poel - like the English word pool), so the Pöhlmann name describes a people-group who lived by a smaller lake.  Where that little pond is has yet to be found, much like trying to find J.S. Bach's 17th son.

Likewise, where the fortune of our little royal noble people-group is, has yet to be found.  So, along the lines of the Indiana Jones-metaphor, we find ourselves ever-searching for the fortunes of our ancestors.

If that frustration doesn't make you into a humorous person, part of a jovial people-group, then you end up taking yourself way too seriously, and you end up being a grump to all your surrounding friends.

Hence, our little Pohlman clan is a fun loving and humorous collection of wits, rich in personality, not all that concerned with the landed holdings of the royals from whom we supposedly descended.  Now we will tell you that we are Americans anyway.

You will find that we tend to quote far-too-many movie script lines, as we relate to each other.  We are more like a group who just found out they inherited an obscure collection of Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon memorabilia and "Mad" magazines belonging to Richard Nixon.

Thanks for visiting our nutty site.


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