Some of these teachings are simple one or two-page lessons gleaned from life.  Others (it is said by some of my friends) are whole books (or at least booklets or pamphlets).  Being a teacher, I am always developing outlines for future teachings.  At times, the teachings stay as outlines, and I speak from the outline, as Holy Spirit gives me unction extemporaneously.  Other times, I have most of the teaching written out.

So what I am publishing here includes the blanks being filled in.  I am also trying to go back and glean past teachings I have delivered, as time allows, so I am keeping these in an order, based on chronology.  When you come back, you may find others added, either from current-day delivery of a message, or one that I was able to dig up from the past.  Scroll all the way down to see many varied subjects.  I hope they bless you deeply in Jesus.


1970s - Shooting At The Saints

  JAN - JUN 94 - Glad Tidings - Web Page

Various Teaching Outlines Offered By Jim "JD" Mihlhauser

20 MAR 05 - Passing The Baton

31 AUG 05 - What's In A Name

17 SEP 05 - Hide & Seek - Part 1

17 SEP 05 - Hide & Seek - Part 2

17 SEP 05 - Hide & Seek - Conclusion

17 SEP 05 - Hide & Seek - Post Script

5 OCT 05 - The Martyrs Of Matanzas (by Sara C. Ballenger)

19 NOV 05 - Wait Training

30 NOV 05 - Anointing (by Scott Stimson)

22 DEC 05 - Christmas, Easter & Remembrance

10 JAN 06 - Name Calling

20 JAN 06 - Order & Obedience

25 JAN 06 - Counterfeits




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