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ekklesia (Strong's Concordance Greek word #1577):  meaning chosen called out ones.



15 JUL 07 - We have moved from Richardson to Shady Shores, and are beginning the process of changing over all of the pages to reflect this change.  We will also begin anew, finding Christians in this region to be ekklesia.  As of today, there will be a whole host of changes necessary, but as the days go by, you should see edit changes taking effect.  Bear with us as we have to edit our entire web site.  If you have any comments or after a while see a change that I missed, do post us with an eMail.


22 JAN 06 - Added "Order & Obedience" and "Name Calling" to the "Various Teachings" page.

19 JAN 06 - Added a hotlinked teaching to JD Mihlhauser's page, for a teaching he frequently does, entitled "Soul Ties," found through the "Various Teachings" page.

12 JAN 06 - Added a fifth teaching that I had prepared for the original GLAD TIDINGS series, having to do with bodily joints, to the "Various Teachings" page.

10 JAN 06 - Added a hotlink for JD Mihlhauser's three commonly used outlines to the "Various Teachings" page.

6 JAN 06 - Fully updated previous "in-print" articles from 1994, known as GLAD TIDINGS, to the "Various Teachings" page.


22 DEC 05 - Added "Christmas, Easter & Remembrance," to the "Various Teachings" page.

30 NOV 05 - Added "Anointing" to the "Various Teachings" page.

19 NOV 05 - Added "Wait Training" to the "Various Teachings" page.

14 NOV 05 - Added "Jesus Is The Son Of God" to the "Our Foundation Faith" page.

11 NOV 05 - Added "Ekklesia Ministry Structure & Government (5-Fold Ministry)" to the "Our Foundation Faith" page.

7 NOV 05 - Added a hotlink and the page it leads to, of all scriptures with the word "church" and the word "ekklesia" in the original Greek texts, to the bottom of the "Explanation Of Ekklesia" page.

4 NOV 05 - Added all scriptures that mention what localities ekklesians were located at, at the bottom of the portal page of "Ekklesia At Richardson."

3 NOV 05 - Added "Jesus Was The Final Sacrifice Made For All Of Our Sins EXCHANGED LIFE" to the "Our Foundation Faith" page.

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