Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,


What a blast we had, especially to see Joanne truly surprised by a birthday celebration.

And, what a wonderful mix of people - neighbors, church friends from many groups, fiber-spinning & knitting friends, family of all generations, we all had a great time.




As the tiara proclaims - "Birthday Queen" for the day




Left to Right:  Jim & Dot White, Anna Pohlman, Claire Congos






Left side of table - front to back:  Nancy & Harold McKamy, Tracy Bryson

Right side of table - front to back:  Steve & Karen Yount, Chati Cathi Page






Granddaughter Claire Congos helping Grandma open her gifts (In the background is sister Nicole Congos with their other grandparents Laurie & Darryl Congos)







Left to Right:  Lorraine & Nick Calautti, with Sharon Rowe






Granddaughter Nicole Congos helping Grandma open her gifts





   Sister & brother, Caitie and Chris Bryson




Left to Right:  Tracy Bryson, Anna Pohlman, Joanne, & Howard VrMeer




Left to Right:  Laurie Congos, Nicole Congos, Darryl Congos, Claire Congos, Chad Congos & Rebekah Congos standing behind Chad




Mary Ella & Ray Cooper      




We fed everybody, absolutely stuffed the young people, gave pizza away, and we still had some left over for a month's worth of movie-watching.

In the background you see, left to right, Steve Bryson, & Rebekah Congos talking to Gary Page.



Our co-accomplices in taking some of the pictures that you see here, Jim & Dot White




 One of the chips, from one of the old blocks

  (birthday party co-conspirators all)

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