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Here are some very interesting teachings I have read and downloaded from the www.housechurch.org web site.  Obviously, you can also go there and see them first-hand.

I enjoy finding writings like this, because it confirms that there are many more who see Christ's Body, His ekklesia, just the same as we do, truly kindred brethren - meaning that Holy Spirit is consistent in how He confirms, all around the world, through all time - this is not a new thing, it is consistently JESUS.

The views and opinions held or printed, by either their site or ours, are not necessarily the same, and neither of us necessarily gives approval to the other, we simply share information, and publish it for your reading pleasure and encouragement.


FAQ's From The www. House Church .org Website


Scriptures That Contain The Word "House," Etc.


Start Ups - by David Anderson


When and How to Meet - by Steadfast Shou


Fifteen Theses - by Wolfgang Simson


The House Church Movement - by Loren Smith


The Priesthood of All Believers - by Karl Ketcherside


The Significance of House Church Meetings - by Dan Beaty


Miscellaneous House Church Quotes



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