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ekklesia (Strong's Concordance Greek word #1577):  meaning chosen called out ones.


Where We Meet

We meet from house to house.

You are investigating and curious about what we do, that is only natural.  To relax any fears, here is what our intended purpose is.  Scripture speaks of the earliest "Christians" meeting from house to house and that is what we still do.  If the group gets too large for a house, then we enlarge and start meeting in multiple-more houses, known as multiplication increase of the fold, or flock of Jesus.

We fully expect children to be part of everything, and obedient in matters of behavior and politeness.  In some home schooling settings, the headmasters conduct what is referred to as a Literary Tea, with frequent regularity.  The purpose of that gathering in a school is so that students of all ages can convene together over a noon meal, and each student has an opportunity to present any one item they have learned since the last Tea.  The boys are expected to practice polite cordiality with the girls, and so forth.  The upper grade age students are expected to respect the younger ones, even though they may appear juvenile to the older ones.  The younger grade students are expected to not be giddy and disruptive.  This teaches the students manners.

Likewise, we get together in our little ekklesia groups, fully expecting this same interaction, expecting full encouragement of all age groups, and knowing that all are fully capable of contributing as Holy Spirit leads.  Some of the best lessons truly come out of the mouths of babes.

We typically get together to enjoy fellowship with one another, over a meal which arrives in each other's hands because it's fun to share our collective cooking talents together, and the fellowship of conversation is sprinkled with The Lord throughout..

We come together fully expecting each and every person to bring what is in their spirit-hearts to share, having been prompted by Holy Spirit since the last time we gathered - all in keeping with the verses of 1 Corinthians 14: 26 - 40, in decency and in order, at the same time knowing that Holy Spirit will bring His dynamic and vibrant spontaneity to the meeting.

At times, we will collectively look into topics and issues that currently catch our sensitivity, and we will all meditate on the subject for a time, getting back together to see what Jesus' Holy Spirit has taught us individually in the time gap, yet brings together at the next meeting.  Very exciting to see the Lord work like this.

At some time, we also share in what Jesus told us to repeatedly partake (one of His few commands for repetitive behavior - for a reason), called The Remembrance Feast, remembering that the symbolically-sinless bread and wine, as shadow-type pictures of Jesus' Body and Blood, are taken into our bodies as a metaphor-picture which points to the spiritual every-day-truth of Him living in and through each one of us, as us.  Truly GOOD NEWS!


Since we have recently moved to Shady Shores, and are establishing a base of saints who are likeminded...

Our address and map directions are further down the page.

Currently we are ramping up to meet on Saturday nights, starting at 6:30 PM

We will occasionally meet at other times during the week, but not with the same lock step regularity.


Call to be sure if we are meeting and where we are this week  940.321.1245.

As the true ekklesia Body of Christ, we are not in competition with each other for bodies-in-pews.  We are to be encouraging each other, and the natural organic progression of Christ's design is toward growth.  Our God is an ever-creative and expanding God, and since we are made in His image, it should not surprise us that growth is part of what we are about.  As such, when the size of a particular meeting house feels like it is shrinking, because the attendees inside are expanding in number, then we start meeting in multiple homes.  That's Christ's design, for a reason.

We are encouraged to have been living so close to a sister-fellowship, another expression of Christ's ekklesian Body in this locality, at Brian & Mary Crews' house.  Now we have moved across town about 40 miles to Shady Shores.  In time, we are working toward others coming along side to start meeting at our house, but the relationship link with the Crews and others will never go away (we can honestly attest to the fact that those we started out in fellowship with back in the early 1970s still have impact in our lives, due to this open-handed attitude about relationship).  So for now, we are developing anew, a collection of ekklesians at our house (and whomever comes along side us), and wish you would join us wherever we are.

36 Hidden Valley Airpark

Shady Shores, TX

[this is not a mailing address, no mail comes to our home, it is simply a map coordinate for you to find us - and you will need a gate code, so call ahead, before you get stuck staring at the windsock logo on our front gate, and can't get through]



Occasionally, we will still travel across town and meet

 with Ekklesia At East Plano, which sometimes meets at...

Brian & Mary Crews' house

2816 Rockbrook Drive

Plano  TX 75074


In time, we hope that there will be several other families whom we rotate houses with as places to meet.  So as we said, give a call to be sure where we are meeting this week.


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