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ekklesia (Strong's Concordance Greek word #1577):  meaning chosen called out ones.

Our Foundation Faith


Our dear brother John Moreland used to call these "Non-negotiables."

Since Jesus HAS come and shown Himself to us, there is nothing legalistic about any of what we are going to portray here for you.  He came and showed us the way, so that we might have life and have it more abundantly, free from the laws of men (ceremonial, ritualistic, incorporational, institutional, and so on).

The moral laws of God are fulfilled when Jesus is alive in and through us as us, because He will not knowingly violate Himself, who is in-and-through all of us as His chosen ones, called out of the world of flesh-sin.

This collection of writings about foundational faith is intended to help you understand, and not as some empty argumentative treatise to prove that we are right.

The sequence of these builds each one upon the next, to the point that His word becomes written on your spirit-heart, and you are a constant living word of testimony.

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The Bible - Inerrant Word Of God

The Beginning & Creation (6,000+ years ago)


Jesus Is The Son Of God

Jesus Was The Final Sacrifice Made For All Of Our Sins - EXCHANGED LIFE

You Must Profess Your Sins & Ask Him To Become Lord

Fullness Of His Holy Spirit (Jesus In You & Through You As You) - Good News


Baptism In Water

Remembrance Feast

Old Testament - New Testament, Law And THE Fulfillment Of The Law

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Ekklesia Ministry Structure - Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Elders & Deacons - - - All DOERS of The Word - No Clergy, No Laity

Second Coming - Home Going

Heaven & Hell





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