by Scott Stimson

30 November, 2005


"Thought's on the Anointing"

(1) Christ means anointed one, therefore Christ living His life through us is called the anointing.

(2) The anointing is God's grace working through us to do what we cannot naturally do or be.

(3) The anointing is not limited to good preaching or spiritual service, it enables us to live and fulfill God's purpose for our lives as business people, parents, social workers etc. etc.

(4) The anointing abides in us and must be released from us, condemnation, fear, and self effort will hinder the flow of this anointing of grace.

(5) The anointing oil in the old testament is found in (Ex 30:30-38) in this passage we see many other keys to understanding the make up of the anointing.

(6) Gethsemane mean's olive press; this is the garden where Jesus said "not my will but thine be done" Therefore the anointing is discovered as we offer our will to the will of the father.

(7) In bible times it was customary for a host to anoint the head of the guest for entertainment, (praise and worship) the absence of it was a symbol of mourning, the presence of it was a symbol of joy; also it was customary after a bath. (The word) (many other truth's here)

(8) In Ps. 23 The Lord anoints the sheep's head with oil, this is to keep the flies or insects away, flies speaks of the harassment of the accuser; who is called Beelzebub or lord of the flies, also he was called Beelzebul meaning lord of the dunghill.

(9) Our head being anointed with oil is when we have put on the mind of Christ; We have been given His thoughts by grace & faith through His finished work.

(10) The anointing flows down from the head The Lord Jesus Christ, and we are the partakers of His anointing.

To be continued:

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