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JD Mihlhauser


JD and his wife Clyda live in Austin, Texas, having raised two wonderful daughters, Andrea and Amy, who are fine strong women of God in their own right.

The Mihlhausers oversee their Christian Family Fellowship ministry, where they meet from house to house, and you can reach JD about times and schedules at 



  on the board of Northwest Ministries

  a member and ordained through World Ministry Fellowship

  missionary work with Rene Brown and Foundation Ministries International

  serves in other capacities with local, state, national and international ministries

If your group desires apostolic and prophetic oversight-relationship, JD is available, after much prayer and relationship interactions (see eMail address above for contact).

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These three lesson outlines are offered by JD, and he reports that he's been using them over the course of the last 15 years or so.  He has put them together as a collection from various teachers who have inspired JD, including the Elijah Task, John & Paula Sanford, and Ron & Cynthia Wilken.

Iniquities Of The Fathers Passed From Generation To Generation!

Breaking The Power Of Iniquities

When Is Doing Kind Deeds Iniquity?

Other teachings from JD Mihlhauser.

Soul Ties




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