The following 5 issues are a newsletter I began publishing in early 1994, just before moving to the Dallas, Texas-area in July, 1994.

This was in the earliest days of the Internet, we weren't thinking about the speed of eMail quite yet, and the best eCommunication tools we had were "Electronic Bulletin Boards," but they were still sluggish and somewhat ineffective.

Here is what I stated for purpose, for this postal-mailed newsletter.

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I have functioned in the capacity of trainer/ teacher for some time.  I have seen the skill of teaching performed in many ways, by many people, in my life.  There have been the proverbial good, bad and ugly examples.  There are several whom I still look to as examples, many times quietly, yet I still look to examine how the function is being performed, in a continuing excellent manner.  I believe that there is a difference between just being a teacher, in one function or another (sometimes also called a trainer), and one who has the God-given gift of teaching (an anointing, if you will).  A person with the God-given gift will many times also be school-trained, but the difference is that the God-anointed person functions and flows with an ability that creates an attraction, a drawing-in of the listener, in the spirit, that can't be faked or manufactured.  It appears to be something that comes naturally.  The Lord has given me this gift of teaching, filled with many a prepared message that doesn't always get shared with my appointed audience (at fellowship meetings).  So, He has strongly prompted me to edit and publish this newsletter as an outlet of expression for the teachings he gives me. My goal for Glad Tidings is that you are truly blessed by it.

"Exhort one another every day, as long as it is called 'today,' that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin." Hebrews 3:13

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, JAN 94, You Are God's Remnant

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, FEB 94, You Are God's Remnant - Part II

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, APR 94, ELI

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, MAY 94, Participator Or Separator?

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, JUN 94, Have A Heart

Six months later, in December, our little group of 90+ subscribers received this in their mail boxes...

...with a fuller explanation.  My employment had taken me to the Dallas area, which included much writing, creating and editing.  I wasn't able to get back to writing and publishing the little GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, however, I did have many subjects in several states of preparation in the so-called pipeline for many months to come.  While many of them have been developed and utilized in other areas of my life, when I have been teaching, one in particular was to be the next issue.  It is a very poignant (emotional, deeply affecting, touching) and pivotal subject.  One of my closest of spiritual fathers found this to be a very deep and crucial subject, and his spirit voice rattles through many of us to this day, even though the Lord has since taken our dear brother home.  So, while he had great breadth of subjects he that were dear to him, that he indeed taught on, I dedicate this one to him, in memoriam, John Moreland, about Jesus (as John would want it, and so would Jesus).

GLAD TIDINGS newsletter, (unpublished, until 2006) Joints



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