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Somewhere in 1996, I began dabbling in Website creation.  I have a friend in Baltimore who offered to develop one for my personal company, plus I worked for a trade association that was developing one where I was part of the design edits, and I also started playing with a version that was available from my ISP and Netscape.  Cutting edge stuff back then.

Much has happened since then.  The Y2K Bug did NOT bring the 666 Anti-Christ, and the end of the world as we know it was forestalled yet a while longer.  Netscape stopped their service around the end of 2000, a year earlier than 11 SEP 01, and just because of their business model and its financial dynamics.

So, some of this stuff was seen in one of my old iterations, known as "Jebby's 914 Page."  New stuff awaits.  An electronic medium declaring for me, "I was here."

Early Jebby 914 History


Dune Buggy Page

Muskrat Page


Lawn Mower Page

Jebby on a visit to San Francisco, outside the Presidio, with his "Ride" for the day

"When the well's dry,

we know the worth of water."

Benjamin Franklin, January 1746

"Poor Richard's Almanac"

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