Pohlman Family Ekklesia

Here are some tidbits about our little house

36 Hidden Valley Airpark

Shady Shores, TX

[this is not a mailing address, no mail comes to our home, it is simply a map coordinate for you to find us - and you will need a gate code, so call ahead, before you get stuck staring at that windsock logo you see above, on our front gate, and you can't get through]

Click on this thumbnail picture,

and then when the map-picture comes up,

hover your cursor over the map,

and choose the "enlarge button" when it appears in the lower right hand corner,

 you can print the map from there

[use your "Back" button to navigate back here when you're done printing, etc.].


If you are driving in,

Make sure you have called ahead to get the gate codes so you don't get stuck at the front gate.

The house is buried in the woods as you come around the sweeping left-hand turn, and the number 36 is on the mailbox, even though we don't receive mail there..

If your GPS is working in global-coordinate-mode,

we are at Longitude -97.047663,  Latitude 33.172848

If you are flying in on a Class II airplane,

the FAA designation on your map for Hidden Valley Airpark is 5TX0

[that's;   five - tango - x-ray - zero]

it is a private runway,

a P.I.G. (pilot information guide) is available on line at ,

standard approach and departure patterns are utilized,

prevailing winds normally dictate

landing and taking off on Runway 16 to the south,

use your P.I.C. judgment about your approach and departure,

Runway 34 is to the north,

Radio Frequency is 122.9 - with no control tower

key the mike 3-times to turn on runway lights at night.

Once you land on either

Runway 16 to the south, or

Runway 34 to the north,

then taxi to #36 and park in the front yard (open space for about 4 planes),

if other planes or cars have already filled up the space, alternate parking is at the staging area around the fuel pump station, or in-and-around the community hangars, along the road to our house - so call ahead if you need one of us to run over and pick you up from your plane.


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