Beware of the Vanity of Information

Cleve J. Sharp

October 26, 2005


Beware of the vanity of information.  I am the great revelator.  I unravel mysteries.  I explain deep sayings.  Yet My people run upon My word with the anticipation of one taking the spoils of war.  I will make myself known to whomsoever I will.  Still, I have chosen the simple, the base, and the common to place My glory in.  Many relish the wisdom of words but the wisdom that I give is the timeless wisdom of understanding through relationship.  This is not the superficial knowledge of adding ones words to the words of his neighbor.  This is the wisdom that comes out of the intimate communion of friends.  The land is filled with volumes of formulas, antidotes, parables, and witty sayings about Me.  My ways.  My domain.  My Kingdom.  Yet My people seek understanding apart from the discourse of intimacy with Me, the King.  I have, through the blood of My son, given you access to Me.  You have the privilege of stepping outside the confines of time to commune in eternal truth.  You have the privilege of direct interaction and fellowship with Me.  Others in times past have longed for the entrance you have.  Yet you don't use what I have given.  You opt for religious rhetoric, powerless gatherings, and vain forms, over Me.  I have saved you to call you up to sit among the princes of legend in My Kingdom.  However, the only way to take your place is in a daily face-to-face with Me.  For My presence is transforming.  If any man will come after Me let him deny himself!  Where is your self-denial?  You must eat My flesh and drink My blood!  Where is your hunger for Me and My ways?  You have become satisfied with the placebo of the Greeks for they were ever-learning.  You have become snared with the snare of Israel - show us a sign.  Yet, your walk becomes emptier and your effort more mechanical as the "spirit of religion" creeps over your heart.  My life is found in the simple places and the quiet times.  You don't need to strive for it.  You just need to come aside for it.  Alone in the quiet place.  A mountain, a stream bed, under an oak, in a closet, in the stillness, when the rush is placed on pause.  I am there.  Come and drink of Me.  Come and eat of My fruit.  I am calling you.  Pause and come with Me.  Aren't you tired of seconds, hand-Me-downs, and leftovers.  I have the fresh and the new awaiting you.  Come and draw on the rich deposit I have set aside.  Just for you before the world was.  I have time for you.  Won't you come and take time for Me.  Not for a work.  Not to develop a teaching.  Not for a project in church life but because you love Me and desire to be with Me.  I am waiting.  I have the time.

Grace and Peace

Bro Cleve



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